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List of Charities I Support

Charity may start at home but we believe that giving away your money to good causes is something everyone in a comfortable financial situation should do!

Please support my preferred choice of charities if the information you've read on this site (for free) has been a help in earning you more money from home:

Action Medical Research - Babies and Children

action medical research Action Medical Research is the UK’s most forward thinking charity.

They have been making medical breakthroughs for over 50 years, supporting research that include; the UK polio vaccine, ultrasound scanning in pregnancy and the hip replacement operation. They are looking for answers to a wide range of diseases and conditions that affect young and old alike including crohns disease, epilepsy, premature birth and many more.

Action Medical have a full portfolio of exciting events and they have built an enviable reputation in cycling events. Thier flagship ride is London to Paris which caters for 600 riders and takes place over 4 routes. It finishes in Paris in time to watch the final of the Tour De France. They also have a great selection of regional rides including the famous Action100 Bristol or Bath to London. Also on offer are treks in the UK and abroad, team events, marathons and many other exciting experiences.

Visit Action Medical Research Charity Website

NSPPC - Children in the UK

nspccIn total nearly 32,000 children in the UK are known to be at risk of some kind of abuse right now.

Violence, neglect, sexual abuse and bullying are all too familiar and ruin thousands of children's lives. The emotional and psychological scars can remain into adulthood.

Sadly these children and young people can feel extremely isolated. Many of them have no-one to talk to – often leading to stress, depression, and, in extreme cases, suicide.

Last year, half a million children called ChildLine. You can help the children that need it most.

Visit NSPPC Charity Website

Action Aid - Poverty

action aid ActionAid is a unique partnership of people who are fighting for a world without poverty, in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity. They work with poor and marginalised people to help eradicate poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequity that cause it.



Visit Action Aid Charity Website

Aspinall Foundation - Endargered Animals

aspinall foundationThe Aspinall Foundation are devoted to saving rare and endangered animals, returning them to protected areas in the wild. They are a charity which works to promote wildlife conservation. Set up in 1984, they run two zoos, Port Lympne Zoo and Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, England. The Aspinall Foundation also supports a number of conservation projects overseas to protect endangered species.

The two zoos have an impressive record in the breeding of rare and endangered animals. The zoos are currently home to 14 Indian, Siberian and Sumatran tigers. The Foundation set up a project for Gorillas orphaned by bush meat poachers in the Republic of Congo in the late 1980s and in 1998, and set up an orphan gorilla project in the neighbouring state of Gabon.

Visit Aspinall Foundation Charity Website

NDCS Challenges - Charity Events to Help the Deaf

ndcs challenges NDCS Challenges run UK and international, individual and team charity challenge events to raise money for the National Deaf Children's Society, the only UK charity solely dedicated to the support of all deaf children, their families, and professionals working with them.



Visit NDCS Charity Website

Blue Cross - Kittens

Abandoned and defenceless Grace, Genie, Hugo and Blossom were lucky enough to be found by a member of the public who brought them to us. Otherwise thblue cross kittense future for these adorable kittens would have been very dark indeed. If they had not been rescued by The Blue Cross these kittens, like thousands of pets across the UK, would almost certainly not be here today…

Grace, Genie, Hugo and Blossom are just four amongst more than 6,000 unwanted, stray and abandoned animals that are taken in by The Blue Cross each year. The Blue Cross is working harder than ever before to find and rescue stray and unwanted pets that would otherwise be put down.

Last year we saw a sharp increase in the number of pets being brought to our centres because their owners could no longer afford to look after them. We expect more pets to lose their homes for this reason in 2009.

Please support the Blue Cross and help protect the valuable work that they do.

Visit Blue Cross Kittens Charity Website

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